Isabel and Kira Recreate Iconic Pictures

In high school, me and my best friend, Isabel always had the reputation of being the class weirdos. It’s not like we weren’t well liked, or that being weird is a bad thing, if anything, its the fact that we were weird that people liked us at all. Being weird was – and still is, a part of our identities.

In the winter of 2016, walking down the snowing streets of Chinatown and seeing this now unmemorable, poorly photoshopped advertisement, inspiration struck.

What if we recreated shitty ads??? 

…. What if we recreated iconic photos? Of iconic duos..?

Like Kim and Kanye or Black Chyna and Nicki Minaj?! 

And the rest was history.

At home we would spend countless of hours doing research; hair and makeup; costume design; and photography, whether we had someone (a family member) to take it for us, or if we were on ur own, we would use self timer and selfie sticks. On top of all that, we would photoshop our photos to make them as similar to the originals as possible, spending hours in our school’s computer lab. 

Our first post: Kim and Kanye circa 2016

@Izkirations, our Instagram username was invented through a play on words with “creation” and our nicknames: Iz and Kir.

Recent Izkirations posts

Since then, our posts have been a bit more sparse, but our photoshop skills have grown. I have even taken the opportunity to future this account in my portfolio for OCAD’s Graphic Design program. My portfolio interviewer said to me:

You’re kind of weird.

Surprisingly enough, I was accepted into the program.

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